Motivation Needed?

motivation2What tools or steps do you use for motivation? Here are a few I have used.

  • Reading a motivational book.(Doesn’t usually work for me.)
  • Listening to a motivational speaker.
  • Listening to pumping music.
  • Talking with a mentor.
  • Jumping jacks to get the blood pumping or other exercise.

I have taken to creating a playlist from various business videos or call recordings. The videos and calls are not all with my network marketing company.  If the person speaking in the recordings is a motivator, you can take their energy and apply it to any business. If you look at my playlist you will see recordings from speakers with Legal Shield, Mary Kay and other companies.  I tend to get motivation when listening to the stories of others.  Hearing how someone else has overcome obstacles is a motivator to me.

Whatever steps you take to get your “mojo” back – do it!!  I’d love to know what is on your playlist.


Your DSL Diva